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Hedgehogs Garden Supplies in Glenrothes Fife are one of Fife ‘s best known topsoil suppliers. We can supply quality top soil for all your garden projects, landscaping and especially for the home gardeners. We are based in Fife Scotland KY6 2SF which means you can bring your own trailer and get it loaded with topsoil or we can deliver within the Fife area. Call for information from 1000hrs to 1300hrs on 01592 859541 and get your questions answered.

We have a good supply of manufactured topsoil which is the best on the market for all garden projects. Manufactured topsoil is made with compost blended with 0-6mm screen subsoil and meets all PAS 100 standards. All the stones, debris, weeds are screened out. It is perfect for creating seedbeds, planting beds, turf top dressing and other general garden requirements.

How can I order Topsoil?

Ordering is easy.

Delivery – phone us on 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We deliver within the Fife area (delivery charge applies depending on the postcode),

Collection – if you have a trailer, you can come and collect. We are located in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients, making it a valuable resource for gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners alike. Its versatility and ability to support plant growth make it an essential component for various outdoor projects.

Topsoil is not like garden soil. Garden soil is topsoil that has been amended with various enriching elements to make it better for plant growth. Usually products such as potting mixes, manure, enriched compost, etc are added to the garden soil to encourage plant growth.

Why should I use Top Soil?

One of the most common uses of topsoil is creating garden beds. It provides a foundation for plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees to establish healthy root systems. Mixing it with existing garden soil will enhance the richness of the soil structure and provide better drainage and moisture retention.

Raised garden beds will benefit from topsoil. If you have limited space or poor-quality soil, the addition of good topsoil will encourage the plant growth, help with drainage, and boost the fertile environment that encourages robust plant growth. If the soil is compacted, it will also help improve the soil.

Vegetable gardens will also benefit from adding topsoil. It is important that vegetables have the nutrient rich soil to grow and provide a good harvest. Adding topsoil to these beds will not only provide an enriched environment for them, but you will reap the harvests. Great for more tomatoes, peppers, beans, courgettes! Get that topsoil added!

Do I use Top Soil or compost for my lawn?

Yes, as topsoil is vital for achieving a lush green lawn. When you are starting a new lawn, spread a layer of topsoil over the existing soil making sure that you have a nutrient rich environment for grass seed or sod. If you are repairing a lawn, top dress with a thin layer of topsoil which will help fill in bare patches and promote grass growth.

How much Top Soil will I need for my project?

Take a look at our topsoil calculator at the bottom of this page

Use our handy calculator to determine the amount of topsoil you will need. Keep in mind that it is only an estimated amount, and you may need less or more.

How much does Top Soil Cost?

Hedgehogs Garden Supplies realises that this is a time of high living costs, and our topsoil is competitively priced at £48.00 per ton. If you need it in a bag, there is an extra £5 charge.

How can I order my Top Soil?

Ordering could not be easier. Phone Hedgehogs Garden Supplies 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We can deliver within the Fife area, which is an extra charge, depending on the postcode address, but if you have a trailer, you can come and collect. We are located here in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.


What is the best topsoil for gardens?

Depending on the use of the topsoil as vegetable gardens need an enriched compost and organic material such as leaves, aged bark, etc. For raised beds, a good combination of topsoil and organic matter. A good topsoil will never go wrong.

How deep should the topsoil be for gardens?

Usually as a rule about 7-8 inches will be a good depth for planting a new garden, raised beds, veggie beds. If top dressing an old flower bed, or adding to veggie beds, at least five inches would be a start. Every garden is different so it will be you as the judge. If adding topsoil to the lawn about 4-6 inches is a good start to give you a healthy lawn.

Can I use topsoil to fill my containers?

You can mix the topsoil with other things like sand, and garden compost to create a good potting mix.  This will enable the plants to have a good, enriched environment for growing. Never put just topsoil in a container for planting as it will not drain as it would be too heavy without any way for aeration.

How do I lay topsoil?

Easiest way is to have the topsoil distributed in small piles in several areas where you need the soil. Then by using a rake, slowly carefully spread the topsoil working backwards. Using a fork, you can them carefully mix it with the top layer of the existing soil if necessary.

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